What’s up with the secret recipes? Why don’t you disclose more of your ingredients?

We’ve worked hard to craft something special for adventurous drinkers -- and part of the fun is not knowing what to expect when you take your first sip of a cocktail, so we keep our recipes secret.

While we won’t share the exact list of ingredients, we are upfront about what we put in Curious Elixirs -- 100% organic juices, herbs, spices, barks, and botanicals sourced from the best purveyors of fair trade foods. The FDA says that our herbs and spices may just be labeled collectively as "spices"... letting us keep the mystery behind Curious Elixirs.

Every drink we make we would also feed to our newborn nieces and nephews, so rest assured that we’ve got your health and theirs top of mind.  

I have allergies or health issues. How do I know if Curious Elixirs are safe for me?

All our ingredients are Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA. 

All Curious Elixirs are made with 100% organic ingredients. We use no extracts and no added sugar ever. All of the FDA's list of major common allergens are NOT in Curious Elixirs:

  • Tree Nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Wheat/Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Egg
  • Fish
  • Crustacean shellfish
  • Soybeans
  • Stonefruits

"Although more than 160 foods have been identified to cause food allergies in sensitive individuals, the "major food allergens" account for 90 percent of all food allergies. Allergens other than the major food allergens are not subject to FALCPA labeling requirements." -

If you have a history of anxiety or heart problems, Curious No. 1 may not be for you, as it includes an adaptogenic plant that can lead to mild heart palpitations in some people.

For other allergies or health conditions, please reach out to or on Facebook.

What's up with the secret Viking plant in Curious No. 1 that "lifts you up?"

That's one of the secret ingredients in Curious No. 1 and it has been used across the world for thousands of years -- yup, even the Romans used it -- as an adaptogen (Wiki). Dozens of studies have been done on this plant and the scientific consensus is that it creates the precursors for serotonin and dopamine in your body.  

In addition to its savory flavor, the small amount of this plant may have a pleasing effect on the disposition of the drinker. Let us know what you think.

At Curious, we believe in the nourishing qualities of 100% real food but we also love us some science.  In our view, the best food + combine making us feel good with deliciousness. Shouldn't your drink do both?

What's up with the secret Mayan plant in Curious No. 2 that "mellows you out?"

This secret plant has also been used for hundreds of years for everything from stress relief to... ahem, turning you on.  Try it and let us know what you think.  

Is Curious safe for pregnant women?

Always consult your doctor/midwife/health pros, but  every ingredient we use is generally recognized as safe by the FDA. Here is the list of foods to avoid while pregnant that the FDA suggests.  

We can also confirm that Curious No. 1 does not contain any of the ingredients noted here, a good repository of herbal remedies that its author on Herblore suggests pregnant/lactating women should avoid.  

Curious No. 2 does have a significant amount of ginger and peppers that some pregnant women may want to avoid and a herbal tea from Herblore’s list.

Where can I find nutritional information?

Glad you asked. You can find it right here!

What does Curious No. 1 taste like?          

Like your relationship status, it’s complicated. It’s a rich, lightly carbonated ode to our favorite early evening cocktail, the Negroni. We’ve heard everything from “it tastes kinda like a Negroni” to “herbal, bitter, perfect” to “it makes my mouth dance.”  We like to describe it as complex, smooth, dry, bitter. Try it out and let us know what you think it tastes like.

What does Curious No. 2 taste like?

Curious No. 2 has been designed to be a spicy little number.  Still rich and lightly carbonated, Curious No. 2 is the lovechild of two bartenders with two inspirations -- the Spicy Margarita and the Dark & Stormy.  

What does Curious No. 3 taste like?

We’re still developing it, so we’ll let you know when we do =) Any suggestions? Hit us up here.

Does each box only contain one cocktail flavor or will I receive multiple flavors?

Each box contains one cocktail flavor. So if you order a crate of Curious No.1, you will receive only Curious No.1.

How do I drink Curious Elixirs? Can I drink it on its own or do I need to mix with something?

Each Elixir is great all on its own, with a bit of ice, and don’t forget the garnish.  Our drinks are designed to be even better with the natural fruit oils and juice that come from a bit of citrus.  We recommend you serve each Elixir like so:

  • Curious No. 1: rocks glass, ice, orange wheel

  • Curious No. 2: rocks glass, ice, lime wheel, optional salt rim

Curious Elixirs were born out of the kitchen tinkering of our founder, so we also encourage you to experiment with garnishes or other ingredients to make your own twist on soft cocktails.  Hit us up with your creations on Instagram or Facebook with #shakennotslurred -- it’ll make our day =)

Do I need to refrigerate my Curious Elixirs?

Yep. As soon as it arrives, put those puppies in the fridge. Because we use all natural, organic juices, it’s important to keep them refrigerated so they stay fresh.

How long will the drinks keep?

We recommend drinking within 30 days of when you receive them.

Are they vegan?

They sure are.

Are they kosher?

Rabbinic Jury is still out on that one. Stay tuned.

Where can I buy Curious Elixirs near me?

As of now we only sell Curious on this website and we ship all over the USA. However we plan to expand to retail in the future, so please let us know if you want us to come to your favorite local shop or grocer.

Is Curious available for international shipping?

Not currently, but let us know where you'd like us to ship in the future.