Delicious Gift Ideas for Sober-Curious Folks

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On a pale gold background, white text says, "Delicious gift ideas for sober-curious folks."
You know we like to make the sober-curious life a little more delicious! We picked a few of our favorite small-batch treats to make your alcohol-free snack time special. Kick back with an alcohol-free Creamy Pineapple-Coconut Painkiller, munch on some handmade pickles from Balakian Farms, treat yourself to a next-level cup of cocoa from Diaspora Co., or crunch on spicy peanuts from family-owned Hubbard Peanut Co. Cheers!
alcohol-free Creamy Pineapple-Coconut Painkiller from Curious Elixirs
handmade pickles from Balakian Farms
cocoa from Diaspora Co.
spicy peanuts from family-owned Hubbard Peanut Co.

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