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Curious No. 1 Cocktails

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Bold. Bitter. Herbaceous. Pomegranate.

{BACK IN STOCK} Curious Elixir No 1. is our booze-free spin on classic stirred cocktails like the Negroni. But this ain't no sugary mocktail. It's a hand-crafted adult beverage without the alcohol. 

Lightly carbonated to make your mouth dance. Enjoy over ice or neat in a rocks glass with an orange twist. Choose from a case (12 bottles, 24 cocktails) or a box (4 bottles, 8 cocktails).

This non-alcoholic cocktail uses our unique superfood and adaptogen blend that's not only delicious but also supplies antioxidants, increases circulation, and fights fatigue.

Here's more on how one of our powerful plants, rhodiola, including a review of the science behind rhodiola rosea (goldenroot).

And here's how to serve Curious No. 1:

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Those who have specific health issues or are pregnant should should always consult with your doctor before consuming products that contain gentian root and rhodiola.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Fruit Refreshment

Loved the pomegranate and mandarin flavors...great taste.


Not too sweet. Tasty enough to sip. Will order more!!!

So Good!

If I were to put the 3 curious elixirs in order from my most favorite to least then number 1 would be my second favorite right behind number 2. This one is so yummy though it's sweet with just a little bitterness at the end and I love to sip it plain and over ice.

Lovely and Refreshing

As recommended, I had the Curious Elixer 1 with a rock and orange peel. It was impressive- not like fruit juice at all! One can sip and savor this drink as one would an alcoholic drink. My first taste impression was faintly of licorice and the undertones a lsmidge of sweet, but also slightly tart. Truly enjoyable.

Love this Elixir

Great taste and perfect flavors for a non-sweet, non alcoholic drink.