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Curious No. 3 Booze-free Cocktails (LIMITED EDITION)

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Floral. Cucumber. Lemon. Ashwagandha.

Only 2500 bottles are being made, each handcrafted with a limited edition print. This booze-free beauty is like if Chartreusian monks and Ayurvedic masters got together for apres-ski cocktails in the Alps.

Curious No. 3 is inspired by new riffs on modern cocktail classics like a Lavender Bee's Knees or a Cucumber Collins -- but crafted without alcohol -- then boosted with the power of ashwaganha, a plant used in Ayurvedic practice for over 5000 years to reduce stress, inflammation, boost memory and lower blood sugar.* 

Blending alpine herbs, flowers, cucumber and lemon plus the power of ashwagandha, Curious Elixir No. 3 was meticulously designed to both please your palate and boost your body functions. 

Reserve Your Bottles Today. First come, first served. Launching for Shipment starting 12/18/18.

*Read more here on the science behind ashwagandha. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Those who are pregnant should likely not consume ashwagandha, and those with specific health issues should consult with your doctor before consuming ashwagandha.



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