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We are excited to offer you more streamlined, user friendly experience and welcome feedback at wholesale@curiouselixirs.com

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If you have a wholesale account or you have previously applied for one,
please select "Login Now" and enter the email you used on the application (or for your most recent orders).

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An email is sent out when your application is approved.

A login code will be sent to the email you use, no passwords! Entering the code will take you to your order history. It will look a little sparse,
we are working on importing your previous orders. Click on the blue "Go to Store" button to navigate to the product pages.

Not sure what to order? Check out our new Top Sellers Page!
Here we feature our five best selling flavors of the season,
so you're always in the know.

Please contact us at wholesale@curiouselixirs.com with any issues, questions or feedback, we want to hear from you!