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How I Keep My Shit Together: Heather Newberger

Posted by Ashley Simon on
How I Keep My Shit Together: Heather Newberger

Life is hectic, and sometimes it seems like this world has gone totally crazy, but you probably already know that! In order to deal with all the madness around us, we’re being more deliberate about tuning in to things that help us stress less and live our best lives. You know we’re all a curious bunch, so while we’ve been swapping self-care secrets and tips around the office, we’ve been wondering how some of the people we admire deal with everything life throws at them.

So with that said, we’d introducing a new series called “How I Keep My Shit Together.” Every couple of weeks, we’ll feature a new person and find out things like their favorite mood-lifting song, stress-relieving tactic, etc. If you’re nosy...ahem us, you’re going to love this. We hope you’ll walk away with a few new ideas to try in your own life.
Our first feature is from Brooklyn-based fashion stylist, Heather Newberger. If you need some style inspo or if you’ve ever wanted to see behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot, check our her Instagram and site!

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