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Curious Cocktail Club - Monthly Variety Pack

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Each month, you'll receive a variety pack with our favorite flavors of booze-free craft cocktails. Every Curious Elixir is booze-free and handcrafted in the Hudson Valley with organic ingredients and no added sugar. 

Join & Save 17% off 4 bottles (8 cocktails) or get a case of 12 bottles (24 cocktails) and get 25% off every month! (Reg. price $105). No commitment; change or cancel anytime!

Curious what they taste like? Each flavor is bold and unusual in its own way. Curious No. 1 is a bitter pomegranate cocktail inspired by the Negroni, but designed to lift you up with goldenroot. Infused with damiana, Curious No. 2 is the spicy lovechild of the pineapple margarita and a Dark & Stormy. Curious No. 3 is a beautiful blend of lemon, cucumber, alpine herbs and ashwagandha. Curious No. 4 is our take on Italian spritzes but with blood orange, green mandarin, American ginseng, turmeric, and holy basil (limited release!). 

Customer Reviews

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Love the new #4

I love Curious Elixirs ! I look forward to every order. Thank you for creating such a wonder variety of flavors.

This is not your average drink!

We were somewhat skeptical of paying so much for what we feared would be an ordinary drink in fancy packaging. What we discovered was a complex mixture of flavors that are delicious. They most certainly are best when sipped and savored. They are not some watered down drink one wants to guzzle. Despite the price, we have already placed another order.

Thank you!

Curious has helped me feel like I'm still indulging even though I'm not drinking. I've made more of a pledge to watch my health, so I've been without alcohol for several weeks now. I've subscribed to Curious since January, but they are a much more important part of my life now! Thank you, Curious!

Very good, unexpectedly not too sweet in a good way

It took a long long long time to get the order (over 2 months), but once I got it , it was lovely. My favorite was the pomegranate one, but the cucumber one was very refreshing, especially for those hot summer months.

Who would have guessed

Very fun and quite tasty alternative to s glass of wine in the porch!