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Curious Elixir No. 4 Booze-free Cocktails (LIMITED RELEASE)

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Perfect for any social gathering where you want a better non-alcoholic option, Curious Elixir No. 4 is our booze-free spin on classic Italian aperitifs like the Aperol Spritz. This Elixir infuses the exotic citrus of blood orange and green mandarin, the light fizz of nonalcoholic prosecco, and the cooling power of American ginseng, turmeric, and holy basil (tulsi) to help you unwind.   

With no added sugar and zero alcohol, Curious No. 4 is a booze-free beauty that lingers like the last rays of Venetian sunshine. Especially good before a fine meal.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Those who have specific health issues or are pregnant should should always consult with your doctor before consuming products that contain rhubarb root, gentian root, and american ginseng.

Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
#4 is my #1

The citrus flavor of #4 makes my mouth sparkle! Oh, perhaps that is the little splash of ginger ale that I add - I do love my fizz! Here's hoping that #4 joins the regular lineup.

Simply the best!

#4 is my fave of all of them...and they are all so good. Perfect balance of sweet and tart, refreshing and festive. <3

Great Job

Any previous issues I had with delivery etc were non-existent with this order. The team knocked it out of the park. I see why people love this drink. I'm still deciding on how much I like it, It feels like it needs to be mixed but not sure yet. Still its a great product and is exactly as advertised.

Amazing alternative !!

Wish it was more easily accessible and could pick up in stores. Perfect for my girlfriend who gets bad allergic reactions to alcohol but LOVES curious elixirs. Have tried a few different flavors and none disappoint.

Replace Alcohol

Product is wonderful ...