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Curious No. 1 Cocktails

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Bold. Bitter. Herbaceous. Pomegranate.

{2-WEEK SHIPPING DELAY DUE TO HIGH DEMAND} Curious Elixir No 1. is our booze-free spin on classic stirred cocktails like the Negroni. But this ain't no sugary mocktail. It's a hand-crafted adult beverage without the alcohol. 

Lightly carbonated to make your mouth dance. Enjoy over ice or neat in a rocks glass with an orange twist. Choose from a case (12 bottles, 24 cocktails) or a box (4 bottles, 8 cocktails).

This non-alcoholic cocktail uses our unique superfood and adaptogen blend that's not only delicious but also supplies antioxidants, increases circulation, and fights fatigue.

Here's more on how one of our powerful plants, rhodiola, including a review of the science behind rhodiola rosea (goldenroot).

And here's how to serve Curious No. 1:

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Those who have specific health issues or are pregnant should should always consult with your doctor before consuming products that contain gentian root and rhodiola.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews

I love the No.1!!! It has just the right amount of sweet and sour to make my taste buds sing. The No. 2 and 3 are pretty good as well and I love the blood orange in the No. 4. But all in all No. 1 is my fave and I could drink it every day!

Tasteful and Tasty

Gotta hand it to the creators. No 1 and No 3 are fantastic. No 2 has a bit of a kick to it but still good. Great to drink period but also works as a substitute for alcohol.

Sunday Afternoon Treat

No. 1 is delicious and smooth. The flavors emerge slowly, creating a full-bodied drink that doesn't disappoint. Love it!


This is my favorite of the C1, C2, and C3(non-CBD). I prefer to cut it with some tonic water (maybe 2 parts C1 to 1 part tonic) to give it a bit more bite and love the idea of adding a few drops of bitters. I find it can be a bit on the sweet side, but I suspect my opinion on what is too sweet is likely more aggressive than most people's. This is a delicious treat that feels special.

Best. Mocktail. Ever!

Ok, so I'm a diehard Old Fashioned lover. And I'm a chef/nutritionist for over 30 years. So I love tinkering with food and drink. Maybe I'm delusional, but the recipe I concocted with this amazing Curious #1 reminds me so much of an Old Fashioned. Very, very satisfying I don't even miss them. I pour 1/3 of a glass of Curious #1, add tonic ( Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Indian Tonic Water), a few hefty drops of orange bitters (my current fav is Woodford Reserve), a twist of orange peel, and a spoonful of the blueberry ginger shrub recipe you shared. A big cube of ice and I'm in heaven with this mighty fine satisfying mocktail.