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Curious No. 2 Cocktails


Bright. Spicy. Ginger. Pineapple. 

Curious Elixir No. 2 is the spicy lovechild of the pineapple margarita and the Dark & Stormy. It's made with organic citrus, peppers, ginger, and the ancient Mayan herb damiana, to mellow you out while your taste buds tap dance. Enjoy over ice with a lime wedge. Choose from a case (12 bottles, 2 servings each) or a box (4 bottles, 2 servings each).


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

My first thought was this drink is, 'if I were a guy my you-know-whats would be lodged behind my nose right now', strong. And I'm not gonna lie...I thought "This would be the perfect thing to mix with...rum." LOL

But then I splashed in some lightly fizzy water and fell deeply in love...put it in a festive glass, added a touch of lime...yummeh! And then as the rest of the stuff in the bottle warmed a bit, I started sipping it right out of the bottle. Thank you for making something so different and versatile that Dry January is gonna be a blast this year.

Thanks Beanie! Curious No. 2 is designed to pack a punch... and to be served on the rocks with a lime. Give it a quick stir and let the ice dilute a touch and you'll be good to go!
New fave

This is my new go-to drink when I don't want to get drunk but still want to socialize. I end up bringing this to parties. Now if I can start getting my hostess friends to carry this at every party!

Solid cocktail. This ain't no La Croix.

Great for those times when I really want to cut down on my calories, but still want to treat myself. 40 calories and no added sugar? Wish it were even lower in sugar, but I suppose you'd have to sacrifice flavor in that case.

Yep, you got it Harry, no added sugar and 40 calories per cocktail (2 cocktails per bottle). Like every Curious Elixir, we made C2 with as little natural fructose as possible -- just what comes from the juices themselves. Glad you're enjoying!
Wow, in love

These are friggin delicious. Thanks for making something that packs a punch with a bunch of flavors and NOT too sweet. Loving the pineapple, spices and ginger!

A personal favorite.

I've never been a super sweet drinks person, so #2 was perfect for me. The peppers & ginger give it a nice bite, but the citrus and balanced level of sweetness keep it bright and easily drinkable! A great drink, all around.