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2021 & 2022

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"What Bartenders Drink
When They're Not Drinking"

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No. 1: The pick-me-up

a riff on the Negroni,
rhodiola and gentian
to boost energy

$39, 4 bottles, 8 drinks

400+ Five-Star Reviews


No. 2: Set the mood

a chance encounter between a spicy margarita and a dark & stormy:
damiana, ginger,
spice, lime.

$39, 4 bottles, 8 drinks

300+ Five-Star Reviews


No. 3: Time to relax

some say French 75, some say Cucumber Collins: enjoy the
de-stressing benefits of ashwagandha.

$39, 4 bottles, 8 drinks

300+ Five-Star Reviews


No. 4: Have a busy mind?

a Sicilian Blood Orange Green Mandarin Spritz:
de-inflammatory properties of ginseng and turmeric, as well as holy basil to
reduce stress.

$39, 4 bottles, 8 drinks

500+ Five-Star Reviews


No. 5: Craving balance?

smoked cherry chocolate old fashioned: immunity boost of elderberry, ginger, aphrodisiac shatavari, a body-balancing Ayurvedic ingredient known as "The Queen of Herbs."

$45, 4 bottles, 8 drinks

380+ Five-Star Reviews


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