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5 Reasons Why the
Curious Cocktail Club
is Bringing the Party
Without the Booze
This Summer

'Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks'
2021 & 2022

1. Crafted with Complexity

Our team of world-class bartenders, herbalists, and food scientists developed each Elixir with organic juices and botanicals to make your tastebuds rejoice. Many of our Elixirs are inspired by modern cocktail classics like the Negroni or a Dark and Stormy, but are boosted with a delicious twist of herbs, spices, and mood boosting nootropics to pack in flavor and stress relieving benefits. Our new Cocktail Club gives you the best opportunity to try them all, and to get early access to our newest releases - because we’re not stopping here!

2. Pre-Shaken to Perfection

Don’t keep rhubarb root, holy basil, or green mandarin on hand? No worries, because we do! The best part about Curious Elixirs is that they’re ready to serve right from the can or bottle. Taking a break from booze shouldn’t mean you need to haul a tote full of liquids and the entire produce department to every social gathering you attend.

3. Made With Ingredients,
Not Flavors

You could settle for a medley of flavored syrups by opting for a Shirley Temple or something blended and “virgin”, but when you can choose a Curious Elixir..why would you? No need for refined sugars or vague “flavors”, the natural sweetness of fruit juices and magical blend of real ingredients are what makes each one so delicious. Sipping Curious will transport you to the bougiest of SoHo rooftop tiki bars (without the insane price tag) and have you enjoying the quality craft booze-free cocktail you deserve.

4. Giving Us More Than Alcohol Ever Could

We’ve introduced herbs and adaptogens specifically chosen for their mysterious plant powers (and beautifully complex flavors) to enhance every sipping experience. These ancient botanicals harness the capability to lift your mood, increase circulation (an effective aphrodisiac), boost energy, and reduce stress. So whether you’re looking to set the mood, calm a busy mind, or just need a pick-me-up, the Curious Cocktail Club provides a plant powered Elixir for every occasion.

5. Shaken, Not Slurred OR Ready to Party

Whether you’re sober, sober curious, or just on a quest to drink less alcohol, you can cut back on booze without sacrificing the party. Each Elixir packs the complexity and bite of an adult cocktail, so there’s no need to feel like you’re missing out. Best part is they can do it all without the regretful side effects or agonizing hangovers.

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“We've tried and failed with so many sober curious options that all fell short, were boring or just didn’t satisfy. #4 is now a staple in our home and provides the emotional, flavor, and substance that satiates the experience an end-of-day cocktail does. Love this!”

- Annaliese


“I stopped drinking quite a while ago. I hated how there weren’t complex sober drinks to enjoy. Curious filled that void for me. The variety pack lets you try several flavors and each of them are excellent.”

- Kinsi


“These are so good. They've been the perfect wind-down after starting with a new client keeping me busy. Complex flavours, and the "chill" effect is real. I haven't given up alcohol, and always really enjoy a drink in moderation--but I truly prefer these now!”

- Josh

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