Everyone Gets Curious in the Fall

5 Reasons to
Get Curious This Fall

'Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks'
2021 & 2022

1. It's Simply a Better Unwind

Why did we ever think booze was the only way to de-stress and kick back at the end (or middle) of the day? We've infused each elixir with adaptogens like ashwagandha, damiana, gentian & rhodiola that will help you relax, without all the detrimental effects of alcohol.

2. Complexity in a Bottle

We're obsessed with craft cocktails — always have been — so we've never compromised on complexity. It's the most common feedback we get and you'll see it in literally hundreds of our customers' reviews on site. Just pour over ice and strap yourself in.

3. Made With Organic Ingredients, Not "Flavors" like Other NA Options

No synthetic tastes, flavored syrups or refined sugar here at Curious HQ, just the world's best organic ingredients like Turkish pomegranates, Sicilian blood oranges and Indian ashwagandha — batch-made in Hudson Valley, New York.

4. Sleep & Feel Truly Incredible (your skin too!)

Booze may make you feel tired, but it actually interrupts the sleep-wake cycle and reduces your REM sleep. You'll be blown away how much better you feel cutting back on the booze a few more nights per week. Drinking less is also linked to improved brain health, memory and...just ask anyone what it can do for you skin! Alcohol consumption can cause skin inflammation and reduce collagen levels too, so cutting back can really improve your complexion!

5. Curious is Served Best: Shared

Curious is perfect for fall events and gatherings where you'd prefer not to drink, or where you know others may be looking for a better option as well. We tend to be a real hit at dinner parties so go ahead and impress at your next get-together! Or if you're staying in, each bottle is two servings so they're great to split with that special someone.

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Honestly, I really enjoy the monthly variety pack. At the end of the day, I used to want to have a glass of Scotch or a cold beer. Now, I grab one of these and still get the relaxing/head change I'm looking for without the actual poisoning of my body. It's been great and has actually reduced the amount I drink.

- Jesus


“We've tried and failed with so many sober curious options that all fell short, were boring or just didn’t satisfy. #4 is now a staple in our home and provides the emotional, flavor, and substance that satiates the experience an end-of-day cocktail does. Love this!”

- Annaliese


“I stopped drinking quite a while ago. I hated how there weren’t complex sober drinks to enjoy. Curious filled that void for me. The variety pack lets you try several flavors and each of them are excellent.”

- Kinsi


“These are so good. They've been the perfect wind-down after starting with a new client keeping me busy. Complex flavours, and the "chill" effect is real. I haven't given up alcohol, and always really enjoy a drink in moderation--but I truly prefer these now!”

- Josh

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