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Want to try a specific elixir and curious what they taste like? Each is bold and unusual in its own way...

Curious No. 1 is a bitter pomegranate cocktail inspired by the Negroni, but designed to lift you up with rhodiola.* Lightly carbonated to make your mouth dance. Enjoy over ice or neat in a rocks glass with an orange twist.

*Those with specific health issues should consult with your doctor before consuming rhodiola or other adaptogens. More info on adaptogens here.

$35, 8 drinks

167 Five-Star Reviews




Curious No. 2 is the spicy lovechild of the pineapple margarita and a Dark & Stormy. It's made with organic citrus, peppers, ginger, and the ancient Mayan herb damiana, to mellow you out while your taste buds tap dance. Enjoy over ice with a lime wedge.

$35, 8 drinks

99 Five-Star Reviews




Curious No. 3 is a beautiful blend of alpine herbs, flowers, cucumber and lemon plus the power of ashwagandha extract (125mg per bottle), and was meticulously designed to both please your palate and help you unwind.*

*Those who are pregnant should not consume ashwagandha, Read more here on the science behind ashwagandha.

$35, 8 drinks

123 Five-Star Reviews




Curious No. 4 is our version of a classic Italian Spritz, but with blood orange, green mandarin, turmeric and American ginseng to give you a boost, and holy basil (tulsi) to help you de-stress.

$35, 8 drinks

166 Five-Star Reviews





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