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No More Sad Mocktails! Better Non-alcoholic cocktails for Your Restaurant Bar or Hotel

It's not always easy being the one who isn't drinking when you're out with friends. It's also not easy telling your customers that you don't have any good non-alcoholic options.  We're here to help with that.

At Curious Elixirs, our mission is to create the best non-alcoholic options to drink socially.  We make booze-free craft cocktails, handmade in the Hudson Valley.

We're currently served in select hotels, bars, and restaurants from Napa Valley to Manhattan. We've been poured at Michelin star darlings like Cote, The French Laundry, and Daniel.

Want to join other world-class venues and provide better booze-free options for all your customers?

Apply below for a wholesale account. We ship to every state except Hawaii and Alaska. If you're outside the United States, please email us at curious [at]