A Curious Pair: No. 5

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A photo of a brown glass bottle of Curious Elixir Number 5 laying on a pile of cherries.

Well, hello there! Remember our previous blog installments? The zesty kick of No. 2…the bubbly fun of No. 4…good…now forget all that. Curious No. 5 is different: This one sits in a leather armchair and pets a big, fluffy cat. When you sip Curious No. 5, you might as well be in an old library eating a bowl of chocolate-covered cherries. Can you get a better fall vibe than that? 

Curious No. 5 is our take on the one and only old fashioned cocktail. While a traditional old fashioned is sweetened with a sugar cube, or occasionally maple syrup, ours also carries notes of cherry and chocolate. These rich flavors are buoyed by zesty ginger and elderberry, before an undercurrent of smoke brings it all together. Basically, if you like the idea of eating black forest cake while smelling an old book, we cannot recommend this cocktail highly enough.


A Tasty Treat to Pair with No. 5

Let’s start small with food pairings. Even if you’re not looking to dive into a whole meal alongside your glass of No. 5, we’d still suggest going for something bold, preferably with a mix of sweet and savory flavors. Our official No. 5 snack recommendation is a generous bowl of spiced almonds. Simply roast those guys in the oven, tossed with some paprika, salt, brown sugar, and rosemary. Not only will the result taste great, but your mahogany-clad library will smell heavenly. 


A photo of a brown glass bottle of Curious Elixir Number 5 laying on a dark blue velvet cushion.


The Main Course

All this reading and lounging and smelling good smells is making us hungry. It’s dinner time! You’re already enjoying a dark and zingy glass of No. 5, so let’s start with an appetizer that won’t interrupt those flavors: the tried and true wedge salad. The smoky, complex sweetness of Curious No. 5 cuts through the salad’s rich bleu cheese and bacon, quenching your thirst while whetting your appetite for the main course. 

Speaking of which—why not fire up the grill for one last hurrah before the autumn cold sets in? When you’re in the mood for a big, warm feast, we recommend a hefty portion of BBQ to complement Curious No. 5. The great thing about BBQ is that it’s super flexible. Preparing a meal for a bunch of ravenous carnivores? Stock up on ribs! Is your voracious vegan cousin coming to town? Check out this recipe for BBQ jackfruit (just make sure your sauce of choice is also vegan). 

Other beautiful BBQ options include these chicken wings made specifically to pair with an old fashioned, as well as this more complex homemade BBQ jackfruit dish.



A photo of a brown glass bottle of Curious Elixir Number 5 laying beside three cherries on a white marble surface.

Ending on a Sweet Note…

Finally, the night is winding down. You’ve settled into your favorite leather armchair by the roaring fire. Your big fluffy cat is asleep at your feet. What are you drinking? It’s Curious Elixir No. 5, of course. And that sweet treat at your elbow? Oh, these old things? These are just some bacon-wrapped figs stuffed with goat cheese. We recommend this option if you’re feeling especially fancy—the smoky bacon, rich cheese, and sugary dates will play great with the chocolate and cherry notes of No. 5. Fair warning: this pairing is so delicious that you might just lose your spot in the murder mystery you’re reading. 

We hope these pairing suggestions inspire you to live your coziest life. Whether you’re simply snacking on some roasted spiced almonds or preparing a whole BBQ feast while the warm weather wanes, we’re wishing you a very cheerful glass of Curious No. 5. Here’s to the next chapter of fall vibes—Sláinte!

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