A Curious Pair: No. 7

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A Curious Pair: No. 7

Welcome back, party people!

You know that friend who always looks so effortlessly put together? Like, they’re absolutely killing it, but you can’t even be mad because they don’t make a fuss about it? (If you are that friend…what’s your secret?) Well, Curious No. 7 is totally that person. We don’t want to brag, but this simple drink is hiding a lot of complexity, from its gentle honey notes to its herby florals. This Elixir is our spin on a champagne cocktail, with elderflower, juniper, and lavender, as well as a touch of jasmine green tea for a mood and immunity boost.



Most importantly, we created this booze-free cocktail with celebrations in mind, from the small act of treating yourself all the way to a wedding extravaganza. So let’s take a stroll down marriage lane (don’t worry, no lifelong commitment necessary) and imagine what scrumptious bites you might encounter as you sip your classy No. 7 and dance the night away.

So you’re at a wedding. Maybe it’s your best friend’s special day, or maybe Uncle Bill surprised the whole family and got hitched. Either way, you’re hungry after the ceremony. With a flute of golden, bubbly No. 7 in hand, you make your way to cocktail hour. 

Luckily, this bev was designed to work with a variety of small plates and dietary preferences. Everything from fresh fruit to meaty charcuterie boards are on the table—literally. Our official recommendation is to get a little fancy—it’s a special occasion after all—and seek out some delectable cheese pairings. Creamy delicacies like brie and camembert play nicely with the subtle sweetness of No. 7, as do our funkier friends roquefort and chevre.

A photo of lightly fried fish served beside a small potato carved into an elegant shape.

Speaking of fancy cheese: let’s talk French. No sweat if you’ve forgotten your conjugations—we’re just here for the food. No. 7’s light, floral characteristics make it perfect for pairing with a wide range of French dishes. As the wedding party enters the reception hall and you sit down for dinner, consider indulging in some French seafood, such as mussels or lightly-breaded fish. We’re fans of this authentic sole-meuniere recipe. 

Or, if you’d like a cozier (and more intense) option, why not go the whole nine yards and dig into a classic bouillabaisse? This might be one to leave up to the professional wedding chefs, but if you’re feeling extra adventurous—or if you are a professional chef—then we wish you the best of luck!

A photo of a bowl of bouillabaisse soup served in a delicate white and blue bowl.

Once you’ve eaten your fill, you may be feeling a little drowsy. The good news is that Curious No. 7 contains just a bit of caffeine, so the dinnertime toasts will perk you right up as the dancing begins!



While you party the night away, make sure you don’t forget dessert. We love to pair Curious No. 7’s herbaceous bubbles with the delicate flavors of strawberry shortcake. The drink’s crisp and light personality cuts through the sweetness of the macerated fruit and rich whipped cream. We’d also be remiss not to mention the powerful pairing potential of No. 7 with chocolate-covered strawberries: a simple but elegant dessert that can easily be made vegan using dark chocolate. And of course, last but not least, Curious No. 7 is positively perfect with wedding cake!

A photo of strawberry shortcake served on a dainty white plate.

So go ahead—say cheers to the newlyweds, bust out your favorite dance moves, and have a splendidly sober time with Curious No. 7. Now all that’s left to do is convince your engaged friends to hire someone who will make authentic bouillabaisse for their wedding. Bonne chance!

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