Announcing the 2022 Curious Creators Grants Winners!

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Announcing the 2022 Curious Creators Grants Winners!

The votes are in! Say hello to the winners of the 2022 Curious Creators Grants!

These talented artists captured your attention with their passion and creativity, and now we're honored to help support their future work. You can check out all seven winners below. Who knows -- maybe you'll discover your new favorite artist.

And the Winners Are...


A photo of a Black woman with her back to the camera. Long locs fall down her back. She is looking up at a sunlit tree.

Images winner: Natalie Cook

Natalie Cook is a poet, theatre artist, and filmmaker. She says that her work "prompts viewers to challenge their own perception of history, truth, and the world around them." Natalie's winning short film, "Backwards God," is a captivating exploration of religion, femininity, and gender. Watch it here


A photo of a baguette spread with a mixture of meat.

Culinary winner: Sarah Lohman

Sarah is a culinary historian who enjoys uncovering historical recipes with unusual flavor combinations and using them as inspiration for contemporary cooking. Her work opens up a sensory window to history, transforming relics of the past into recipes that anyone can make in a modern kitchen. Check out Sarah's "Sandwich of the Week" series on Patreon.


A section of the painting "The Shepherd's Dream" by Henry Fuseli. Angelic figures float and dance above dark figures.

Words winner: Jessica Manack

Jessica is a writer who not only tells her own tales, but also "those of women whose stories have nearly been lost to history." Her flash fiction story, "The Boy Who Went to Divinity School," immerses the reader in a vibrant slice of adolescent life.


A photo of two figures silhouetted against a white sheet. One is kneeling and the other is standing before them, reaching out their hand.

Movement winner: Julia Bengtsson

Choreographer Julia Bengtsson says she sees the world "through a lens of creativity and creates innovative ballets with the mission of opening [her] audience's eyes to new ideas -- to transform their mindset." Watch clips from Julia's ballet "Strangers" here.

A photo of an Asian woman wearing an intricate green and gold historical dress and a gold headpiece with horns, like the character Loki.

Style winner: Vivien Lee

Vivien is a clothing designer, costumer, and cosplayer who believes "everyone has the right to feel attractive and powerful in their clothing." Check out these photos of her incredibly detailed Historical Loki cosplay.


A photo of a young Black man playing cello and singing. His eyes are closed and he is wearing a black suit with a white shirt and black tie.

Music winner: Gabriel Royal

Self-described as a "cellist, songwriter, teacher, giggler, cooker, friend, and singer," Gabriel Royal went from playing music in the subway to traveling the world. Take a listen to his haunting song "Remember Us."

A photo of a white woman talking on the phone. She is looking suspiciously off to the side and partially covering her mouth with her hand.

Visual arts winner: Anastasia Sergienya

Born in Belarus, Anastasia is a filmmaker whose goal is to "give a voice to those who haven't been heard enough." Check out her short film "Soyka," which follows the struggles and hopes of a Belarusian immigrant in New York City.

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