A Curious Pair: No. 2

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A Curious Pair: No. 2

Welcome back to A Curious Pair! It’s been a while! We hope you enjoyed our pairing suggestions for Curious Elixir No. 1, and we’re glad to be returning with even more scrumptious content. This time, let’s crack open a bottle of No. 2 and get cooking.

Elixir No. 2 is what would happen if a pineapple margarita loved a Dark and Stormy very much. We don’t have time to get into the specifics—all you need to know is those two cocktails had a baby and it’s our precious No. 2. This drink is zippy and refreshing, with strong notes of ginger and pineapple. It makes us feel like we're sipping it on the sand, listening to ocean waves. Accordingly, it pairs great with bright, light flavors. Tropical and spicy foods love No. 2.

If you’re looking to pair an appetizer with Elixir No. 2, focus on the vegetables. This bubbly bev goes especially well with a light salad. Don’t worry—we’re not talking about a boring salad. Be adventurous with your greens! No. 2 works well with anything from a classic spinach mix with some feta cheese, berries, and pecans, all the way to a pasta salad coated with pesto and tossed with sundried tomatoes. Anything light and summery fits the bill. 

Now on to our main course. Curious Elixir No. 2 goes heavy on the ginger, which means it pairs great with fish, chicken, and spicy foods. With this in mind, our recommendation for an easy dinner alongside No. 2 is (drumroll…) a taco bar! Ingredients for chicken, shrimp, and veggie tacos are all simple to prepare and lay out, along with pico de gallo and a range of salsas. It’s a meal that’s easy to tailor to almost any dietary restriction and spice tolerance. What more could you ask for?

Finally, what if you’re hosting a dinner party? What if you’ve got a hot date? Don’t stress! We’ve got you covered. Our recommendation for a fancy dish to serve with No. 2 is a luxurious mole. This traditional Mexican sauce is hot, rich, and a bit sweet with its many chiles, spices, and dark chocolate — notes which are all complemented nicely by the zesty zip of No. 2. The drink’s tropical flair and ginger tang chase down the complex mole flavors, making for a dinner that feels like a dream vacation. 

We hope you enjoy these pairings for Curious Elixir No. 2. We’re passionate about giving you the best mocktail experience possible, and that includes setting you up for success when you feel like munching alongside your favorite Curious bevs. Let us know what you think of these pairings—especially if you tackle the task of making mole! Cheers!


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