Try a Curious Espresso 86

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A photo taken looking down at a glass full of a burgundy drink garnished with two mint leaves. The glass is sitting on a white marble countertop, and the light coming through the drink casts a bright red shadow beneath it.

This might be our most buzz-worthy Curious creation yet.

Pop quiz: If you've worked in a restaurant before, we bet you know what "86" means (If not: it's industry code for "we've run out of it").  

In the 2000's, Espresso Martinis were BIG, and as some of us former servers will tell you, we were often excited when they got 86'ed.

This booze-free riff on the classic is rich, unique, and hits all the right spots. Trust us, you won't want to run out of this one.

What You'll Need:

What You'll Do:

  • Add ice and ingredients to a cocktail shaker.
  • Shake vigorously for at least 10 seconds.
  • Strain and serve in a coupe glass with mint leaf garnish.

Makes 2 cocktails.

This recipe is easily multiplied, pre-batched, and stored in refrigeration before service.

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