curiously delicious: Omsom x Curious Elixirs

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curiously delicious: Omsom x Curious Elixirs
Looking for something savory to serve at your next alcohol-free happy hour? We hit the test kitchen this week with recipes from our friends at Omsom, searching for delicious and easy weeknight snacks. Omsom's incredible starters are one of our favorite flavor shortcuts! They're every bit as complex as our elixirs, so the toughest part of this pairing was really only choosing two recipes.

The bittersweet bite of No. 1 finds its soulmate in the smoky, perfectly spicy, multi-textural taste of seared Thai Chicken Larb (we tossed ours with silver noodles) served with crispy cabbage "wraps," fresh herbs, and crunchy vegetables. Get the full recipe for Omsom's Thai Larb

The spicy sweetness of No. 2 is unreasonably delicious when matched up with rich, tangy Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ Chicken Skewers. We used chicken, but the options are endless. Get the full recipe for Omsom's Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ

Do you have your own go-to happy hour pairing of Curious Elixirs + Omsom? Let us know about it!

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