The Top Curiosities of 2023

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Hello to all you adventurers, knowledge-seekers, and overall curious folks!

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Check out the top ten most popular curiosities from 2023 below, including cat-sized furniture, hidden messages in brand logos, and much more!

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A photo of three small balls of yarn. One is pink, one mustard yellow, and the last one is dark blue. There is a tiny crocheting needle beside them.

10. Teeny tiny treats

Bringing up the rear: Crocheting a blanket is one thing, but crocheting the most adorable little fruits and veggies? We’ll avocado toast to that.


A photo of an orange tabby cat sleeping in a fluffy white cat bed with its paw and head draped over the side.

9. Im-paw-sibly cute

These cats are living their meow-st luxurious lives on their tiny personal furniture sets. 


A photo of a mushroom growing from the forest floor. It has a white stem and a bright red cap with white spots.

8. Santa's big trip

There’s lots of speculation about how the Santa Claus myth came to be, but this one was new to us. Buckle up for a wild ride featuring reindeer, the North Pole, and…magic mushrooms?


A photo of someone silhouetted against a pink and purple sunset. They are leaning against a metal lattice fence with their fingers clinging onto the holes.

7. Literary escapism

You’ve heard of “Lions, tigers, and bears,” now get ready for “Banksy, Bob Ross, and bricks, oh my!


A close-up photo of a pile of seashells on a beach. In the distance and out of focus, the shore of the ocean is visible.

6. He sells seashells

This artist’s work marries found materials with intricate paintings and carvings. The result is a shell of a body of work.   


A photo of many colorful plastic easter eggs scattered over green grass.

5. Logo lingo

At this point, most of us have found the arrow “easter egg” hiding in plain sight in the FedEx logo – but a lot of these hidden brand messages were BRAND new to us


A photo of many wooden cubbies stuffed with a rainbow of colorful skeins of yarn.

4. Crochet slay

What’s cooler than a Frank Lloyd Wright house? A Frank Lloyd Wright house covered in crocheted moss and flowers


A photo of an adult dog and puppy of the same breed (probably a wolf hound or similar). The adult dog is gray, and the puppy as a dappled, dark brown coat. The puppy is looking up at the adult and its tongue is sticking out a bit.

3. All grown pup

Coming in at third place, these edited pics show adult dogs with their puppy selves. Yeah, we’re crying about it, so what? 


A photo of a mug full of fluffy eggnog, garnished with a cinnamon stick. The mug is surrounded by cozy winter decorations, including pinecones and little wooden snowflakes.

2. The eggnog agenda

Runner up: a holiday classic.

When exactly was eggnog invented, why is it called that, and how did it become such a polarizing holiday staple? Turns out its popularity was egged on by U.S. politics. 


A close-up photo of a giraffe's face as it stares at the camera.

1. Hard to spot

And in first place: This precious baby gave zookeepers a shock when she came into the world dressed a little different than the rest of her family. 

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