Inclusion means business: alcohol-free options can open doors for bar owners

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When it comes to rocking the hospitality game, there’s always one magic rule: make everyone feel welcome. We all love a good night out, right? And these days, it’s maybe more exciting than ever—and possibly more appealing to those who weren’t part of the pre-pandemic bar crowd. While bar owners and restaurant folk have been finding all kinds of creative ways to make everyone feel welcome while raising revenue, we can think of one no-brainer: leveling up your mocktail game. As easy to pour as a soda but a lot more interesting, today’s booze-free drinkables deserve a place on any well-stocked bar—and here are just a few reasons why.

The biggest reason: there are a TON of people who don’t drink. In the US alone, more than 165 million adults have fewer than 2 drinks per week, and that number is only expected to climb as we learn more about how healthy habits can help us manage the, uh, New Normal or whatever. And regardless of the larger trends, most of us know from experience that there are a million reasons to skip the booze on any given night. Maybe you’re sober, like, all the time. Maybe booze gives you a headache. Maybe you’re socializing for work and want to stay focused. Or you’re about to bring a whole human life into the world. Or you’re driving. The point is, those 165 million people deserve better than a boring, sugary fruit juice surprise sipped in a corner. 

We’d also like to mention that the non-alcoholic cocktail game has come a long way from the virgin drinks your mom used to sip by the pool. The mocktails of 2022 bring bold flavors and thoughtfully sourced ingredients to the table, and they’re not just cocktails minus the booze: they’re a beverage experience in their own right. The flavors are balanced, and the botanical effects are real. Ask any adaptogen aficionado and they’ll agree: the powerful plant magic in ingredients like shatavari, ashwagandha, rhodiola, and more can really expand your definition of relaxation.

One of the biggest advantages of today's mocktails of the moment is that they’re flexible (as everything’s gotta be these days, yeah?). Every bottle of Curious Elixirs is crafted perfectly in its own right, from scratch, using rich ingredients and well-researched booze-free recipes. They’re an extraordinary beverage experience all by themselves — no expensive fresh juices or exotic mixers required. (However, certain virgin cocktails, like Curious Elixir No. 5, for example, are just like the real deal in that their flavors “open up” when you add a little water, so crushed ice or seltzer are always cool if you’ve got some on hand.) They’re gorgeous right out of the bottle if you want to pour into some fancy glassware, and even more gorgeous should you choose to garnish. And because they come sealed, they make for an amazing to-go option. 

Adding non-alcoholic cocktails to your menu can make a lot of sense if you’ve recently started hosting new kinds of events in your space or are simply trying to make the most of your open times. For what it’s worth, the pandemic has changed foot traffic flow in a lot of major cities, so many bars and restaurants are turning to wholesale partnerships, big advance bookings, private parties, and musical events to keep revenue strong. When you’re expanding the way you use your space, you may want to expand your offerings as well—after all, the hope is that you’re expanding your clientele, and new clientele can bring new ideas about what constitutes a good time.

And that’s where truly high-quality, competitively priced craft mocktails come in. Branching out into mocktails may feel like a big move, but these days, going out is more about appreciating being together than getting super sloshed, and inclusion matters more than ever. When it comes to serving up great hospitality, some things will never change: just offer your customers the highest quality plus a little bit of fun, and they’ll drink it right up.

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