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A Curious Pair: No. 6

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A photo of two people's hands as they play cards on a glass patio table. They are drinking from cream-colored cans of Curious Number 6. There are also glasses full of a creamy drink garnished with tropical fruits.

Well, hello there! Let us introduce you to the most versatile of all our Elixirs: Curious No. 6. This little bev can do it all, from summer sipping by the pool to holiday parties by the fire. Just imagine a piña colada doing a magical transformation into a spiced nog, and you’ve pretty much got the idea.


Starting out with suggestions fit for a summer fête, we recommend pairing Curious No. 6 with tropical foods like:

The creaminess of No. 6 will cool off the spiciness and charred flavor of these dishes. 

A photo of a brown can of Curious Number 6 laying on yellow velvet.

Moving into the colder months, this flexible friend still has your back. Curl up under a blanket with a glass of No. 6 and these classic, comforting treats:

These rich, hearty desserts will tide you over through the dark days, just like sips of creamy Curious No. 6.

No. 6 is as versatile as it is yummy, meaning it’s truly a drink for any season. It doesn’t matter if you prefer warm or cold weather, savory or sweet foods, pastel or jewel tones — no matter our differences, we can all agree Curious No. 6 is a downright treat!

Is Curious No. 6 already your bestie? Try spicing up your life with our variety packs!

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