Game Day Pairings for Your Fave Elixirs

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Game Day Pairings for Your Fave Elixirs

Getting together with friends to watch the big game, but not sure where to start with the snacks? We've got you covered.

No matter which flavor Curious you're rocking, these tasty treats will carry you through all those edge-of-your-seat moments and end-of-game-celebration dances.

Curious No. 1: Charcuterie Central

Let's start at the beginning. Curious No. 1, our play on a Negroni Sbagliato, is full of bitter citrus notes riding on a base of pomegranate. And what could go better with those sweet and bitter flavors than a well-curated charcuterie board?

The beauty of charcuterie is that it’s super customizable. Meats and cheeses are a great start, but the secret to a truly transcendent spread is incorporating a range of textures and flavors.

Try introducing variety with:

  • Slices of smoky prosciutto
  • Wedges of sharp parm or cheddar
  • Salty snacks like crackers and nuts
  • Fruit (pomegranate seeds, anyone?)
  • You can even add spreads like jam or honey!

Curious No. 2: Just in Queso

Curious No. 2 is what would happen if a pineapple margarita fell in love with a Dark & Stormy. This drink is zippy and refreshing, with strong notes of ginger and pineapple, and it pairs great with bright, light flavors, especially tropical and spicy foods.

If No. 2 is your bev of choice, try gravitating towards the chips and dip. Anything from salsa to queso to a full-fledged bean dip will play great with this bright beverage.

Curious No. 3: Eat Your Veggies

Curious No. 3
is great friends with pretty much any raw veggie. And we're not just talking about the standard spread of cauliflower and broccoli — Get creative with your crudite! Think colorful thoughts:
  • Rainbow carrots
  • Watermelon radish
  • Bell peppers
  • Even some salted zucchini rounds

The world is your crudite platter! And make sure to include dips on the side. We recommend tzatziki, hummus, or this garlicky skordalia.

Curious No. 4: Savory Sensations

Our take on a blood orange spritz, Curious No. 4 brings bold flavors to the table. This drink packs a tart punch, making it the perfect complement for fattier, richer foods. Salty meats, zesty olives, and crispy crackers love No. 4’s bright citrus notes.

  • Cured meats like salami, mortadella, and prosciutto
  • Slices of herby focaccia drizzled with olive oil
  • Even some of those cute mozzarella cheese balls

Curious No. 5: Grillin' and Chillin'

Not even party people can survive on snacks alone. A big gathering means big appetites, which is where BBQ (and Curious No. 5) comes in. Inspired by an old fashioned, this sweet and smoky Elixir might surprise you with how well it pairs with a serving of chicken wings.

There's also this simple recipe for BBQ jackfruit if you're expecting vegan guests (just make sure your sauce of choice is also vegan).

Curious No. 6: Cooling Things Off

Curious No. 6 is our take on a coconut-pineapple painkiller. It's incredibly versatile, with its tropical flavors and warming spices that hit just right whether it's sunny or snowing.

If you're rocking No. 6, we recommend going for the fish tacos. And for the vegetarians, try grilled veggie skewers.

Curious No. 7: Don't Forget Dessert

Curious No. 7 is our spin on a champagne cocktail, with elderflower, juniper, and lavender, as well as a touch of jasmine green tea for a mood and immunity boost. And guess what? It goes great with ANY dessert. Consider chocolate-covered strawberries, the perfect party treat: a simple but elegant dessert that can easily be made vegan using dark chocolate.





Alright, party people — which of these pairings sounds like your perfect match-up? Before the game starts, you can browse our flavors or explore cocktail recipes on our blog.

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